Beyond The Ordinary



Oman’s rich heritage as a key trading post creates a sense of pride in ancient culture and a soulful eye towards development (there are no high-rises). Towns retain traditional charms and Bedouin values. Discover the warmth of the people over a customary kahwa – strong coffee flavoured with cardamom and served with dates.Local cuisine serves history on a plate: spices from the sea trade with India add piquancy to grilled meats and preserved fruit from the Arabian Peninsula.


From the desert-scape of the Empty Quarter to the lush green south with its fruit plantations and wildlife such as oryx and gazelles, Oman glories in a uniquely diverse topography for nature lovers. It has the highest mountain on the peninsula as well as enchanting cities, sparkling sea, canyons and fjords.


Oman is an exciting and welcoming year-round destination of rich history and diverse landscapes. It’s a land of towering desert dunes, palm-lined beaches and lush verdant mountains, where ancient character meets modern comfort. Whether you’re seeking adventure, chasing staggering scenery or in need of a culture fix, Oman is sure to exceed expectations.